How To Clean And Maintain My Spring Assisted Knife?

Spring Assisted Knife

An assisted knife is a handy item to have, but you have to face one problem when it dirty and dull. It’s important to keep your assisted knife sharp and clean for the safety.

If you let it dull, it can cause unsafe practices once you make your desired cuts. It can lead to a dangerous situation. That’s why you need to give your knife the proper maintenance.

In this post, we are going to provide you with all the useful tips you should know to clean as well as maintain your spring assisted knife. At the same time, we will also introduce you to the top 5 best oils for knife maintenance. Keep reading to discover them!

Knife Care

Cleaning it

You have to clean four harmful materials off your blade. They include saltwater, base materials, chemicals, as well as acidic liquids. These factors can break down the knife. Therefore, it’s essential to maintain your knife properly to protect it.

To clean it, you will need some important items, including water, toothpick, cleaning formulas, a toothbrush, and dish soap as well. All you need to do is use dish soap and water to wipe the knife down.

You can also use cleaning liquid for this step. To deal with small crevices, you should use a toothpick. Another way is to submerge the cutting tool under the water with soap.

Don’t forget to avoid letting your knife sit for a while under the water. Otherwise, it can affect your knife’s material. It’s best to remove the cutting tool on time. We recommend you to use blue Loctite on the screws to take apart your pocket tool.

Lubricating it

There are moving parts included in your knife. That’s why it’s necessary to lubricate it. Indeed, this step is important for slides, the pivot, as well as the locking surfaces. We recommend you to use wet petroleum-based lubricants for the best result. It’s a good idea to use Benchmade Blu Lube.

If you want to use your cutting tool for food preparation, it’s important to use food-safe lubricants. If you want an option for your budget, we recommend you to use food-grade mineral oil for this purpose.

One or two drops of oil should be applied on the pivot to start your lubricant. It’s also a good idea to use lubricant as a preventative coat especially if your knife is made of high-carbon steel. If you want to avoid corrosion and rust, you can also put a small amount of oil on a blade as well as on the pivot.

Keeping it Sharp

If you want to maintain your cutting tool, one of the most important things you need to do is to keep it sharp. Do it regularly. This task is to reprofile a steel blade that has a dull quality.

Rusted Knife Maintenance

There are different ways to spiff up rusted blades. More importantly, you need to clean the knife before doing that.

  • Lightly rusted blade: It can come off fast with the cleaner as well as a soft rag.
  • Heavy rusted blade: if you can’t remove the rust with the regular cleaner, you should consider removing the solution for rust.

Some people want to choose a more natural solution such as baking soda, potatoes, and onions. All you have to do is cut up an onion for a couple of hours. Then, this way can help to remove the dust.

Storing the knife

When you store your cutting tool, don’t forget to lubricate and clean it. Also, remember to use a light coat and put it on the blade. At the same time, lubricate the pivot.

It’s important to keep the cutting tool away from the moisture. It should be stored in a cool and dry place.

Top 5 Best Oils for Maintaining Knife Blade Reviews

Yoshihiro TSOIL Tsubaki Japanese Knife Maintenance Oil

This product is known for the bottle of pure Tsubaki oil made of camelia oil. The oil is known as one of the most popular oils for kitchen knives. It’s a favorite option for people who prefer to use Japanese knives.

This is a safe option you can use on your kitchen knives. This unit is packed with two different useful items, including cloth and a Sabitori rust eraser. They allow you to remove any rust on your cutting tool with ease.

KUROBARA Tsubaki Japanese Knife Maintenance oil

This product is available in two size choices to choose from. Each option comes with a specific application form. With the larger one, you can use it for all the knife blades. And, the smaller sized oil is ideal for applying a few drops of oil to the knife blade.

This product is great for Japanese kitchen knives. Also, it’s a good choice for any different kind of kitchen knife. You can even use it for woodworking tools. This product can help to protect your cutting tool from corrosion.

This one can be also used on different products made of plastic, rubber, or ceramic.

UltraSource Food Grade Mineral Oil

There are many uses you can get from the UltraSource Food Grade Mineral Oil. It can be used on not only stainless steel but also wood. When you use this oil on stainless steel knives, the oil can help to protect your knife from rust.

You can also use this oil on stainless steel items. Moreover, it can be used to protect the wooden chopping board. It works well for all the wooden kitchen tools. Especially, this oil is colorless, odorless, as well as tasteless.

It’s also simple to use this product thanks to a dropper bottle.

Thirteen Chefs Knife and Honing Oil

If you want to get a product for your budget, you should try the Thirteen Chefs Knife and Honing Oil. This one is a good consideration for the money. This is also a safe choice for your kitchen. It is odorless and tasteless. Moreover, there is no gluten and allergens.

You can use this oil on all types of steel. It’s perfect for Japanese knife brands. This product can help prevent rust formation to increase the lifespan of your knives. Additionally, this one can be used for axes, wet stones, garden tools, and meat grinders.

Citadel Black Knife and Blade Maintenance Oil

This knife oil is a safe product. You can use it on your kitchen knives. Also, it’s is great for use on steel, stainless steel, and carbon steel. It can help prevent your kitchen cutting tools from rust.

You can apply this oil on your kitchen knives with ease. The reason is that it is packed with the pipette-style dropper.


Your life will become easier with knives. Therefore, it’s important to maintain them properly. You need to always remember to keep your knives dry by using a cotton cloth.

Don’t let it be exposed to saltwater as well as gritty materials since they can damage your blade. That’s why you have to clean and take care of your cutting tools properly to let it last for a long time.

It’s best to lubricate and brush your tool once a month. Besides, it’s also important to check for any other potential problems like loose screwson the internal parts.