What to Consider When Buying The Best Gas Grill

We all know that finding the best gas grill can be a challenge. Every grilling experts have their own set of considerations, and manufacturers deliver their specifications and marketing jargon to make their product stand out.

Doing your research will give you an endless list of features and accessories that you have to worry about. Well, we don’t want your buying process to be overly complicated and intimidating. To help you clear the clutter and find the right gas grill, here is an easy to follow guide. Using our guide will help you land the best grill in no time.

The Configurations

You can choose from different configurations that will suit your outdoor layout. Here are some of your choices:

Built-in Gas Grills

Others may refer to them as drop-ins, grill inserts, or grill heads. Its description is simple; it is a grill that you place on your BBQ island when you have an outdoor kitchen. Some units can be purchased with a full line of outdoor kitchen equipment to have a cohesive aesthetic in your outdoor area. Others are stand-alone that can easily complement your kitchen setup.

Free-Standing Gas Grills

This is where our Kenmore Grills belong. Instead of being included in the outdoor kitchen structure, what you have are free-standing gas grills that are in movable carts. It usually has enclosed storage for the cooking accessories and fuel tank. These grills are transportable and more versatile than the built-ins.

You can place them anywhere in your backyard setup with much trouble. As a bonus, most free-standing grills have a side burner for your side dishes or to simmer your favorite basting sauce.

The Gas Type

Gas grills run on either propane or natural gas. Both of them will give the same results, and the grill prices have only a slight difference. The deciding factor when choosing between the two will be the availability of the fuel and its convenience. So, when buying a grill, you have to be confident in your choice. Otherwise, you can get a convertible option. But make sure that it is done only by a professional.

Natural Gas Grill

If there is an existing gas line in your home, you should choose a natural gas line. Why? You will have an endless supply of gas like water and electricity as long as you are paying your bills. It is the most convenient option and is commonly used in built-in gas grills. You can grill as much as you without running out of gas.

Propane Gas Grills

Homeowners who have no natural gas must consider choosing propane gas grills under $1000. You can purchase the standard propane gas in most grocery stores and hardware, and you can refill them at the local distributor. Although it is a hassle to refill the tanks now and then, it offers greater mobility than natural gas.

The Grill Size

The side does matter in grills, especially when you have much food to prepare. It will also dictate the cooking techniques that will be available for you. When you have more burners, you can be more flexible because it will offer multi-zone cooking. The right way to determine the size of your grill is to ask yourself how many are you cooking for. This is also highly subjective and can vary depending on how you would like to cook.

The Grill Class

Yes, the grills are classed into categories, much like choosing your airline seat. Each of these classes reflects the features, quality, and performance of the grill so that it’s got everything you are looking for. Choose from Luxury, Premium, Economy, and Practical.